Brance Pearson
Brance Pearson
I am a creator.


I'm a coder, designer and musician
living in Portland, Oregon.


who I am.

I enjoy projects that award me hands on work; that require problem-solving.  But I also love structure and planning and have a hyper eye for details.  As a child I would build exhaustingly detailed dioramas and miniatures. As it goes "the devil is in the details" and I'm going to make sure that last bracket or semi-colon or pixel is perfect.

Although I'm by my lonesome at the moment, I do favor working with a team.  What you learn, you learn faster and more of and the results are more impressive. I think that is why I love playing music.  Collaboration will create something far better than a single mind ever could.


- Coding



- Design



- Squarespace





I build, design, think, play and fiddle. At the moment I am a freelance designer and developer working on the Squarespace platform.  I am pursuing a position as a designer/developer to help hone and advance not only my current set of skills but to also learn what I don't know, grow as a developer from seasoned professionals and help be a part of something creative and bold.

Brance once again made working with Squarespace easy and fast. I’ve never seen someone show so much professionalism and tech skill set. Brance made my site look even more professional than I had dreamed!!! Thank you, Brance.
Brance, Thank you. You are the best!


Thanks for being interested in possibly maybe wanting to get a hold of me. Probably. I would love to here from you.